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  1. HoloDuke

    Introducing HelloClan in Galactic Conquest!

    Welcome @Posi @TheoNeo - thank you for joining us. Galactic Conquest is amazing. I'm looking forward to whatever else you have in store for us!
  2. HoloDuke

    Clint Eastwood where are you? Amazing kills 4 years ago.

    That entire reel is worth watching. Many long time player names flash in onscreen notifications throughout the video. Every single one of those kills is amazing. Hopefully Clint comes back and plays again.
  3. HoloDuke

    Nagi's dead body flies up one floor in Quang Tri - 1968

    The thing about Nagi is that there is no fear and no concern about K/D ratios. So Nagi will keep coming at you, especially in a tank. That can make for some good hijinks with mines, explosives, rockets - but in the end Nagi usually will get their target. Nagi also is skilled with radar...
  4. HoloDuke

    [BFV] Fill the server event Vol. 4 - Next try!

    I got a few rounds in too, the first one with 30+ players. Sapper, it was good to see you in-game. This is SellOut. Always fun to play on a full server - it's a credit to everyone involved with this server over the years and especially Tedde, SucceededKiller, IceSkater, and now HeligWarhreit...
  5. HoloDuke

    Why do players leave the server? my opinion and suggestion

    Drake, I've always been a low ping player and my experience has always been that there doesn't seem to be a great advantage, if any, with a lower ping. There have been many times I have been sniping where I find an opposing sniper at about the same time as they find me - you can see them move...
  6. HoloDuke

    Aim Assist monitors

    Hi @hard_rice - great story about the grease pencil. Enjoy the new monitor. I used to use a Samsung TV for a screen on occasion for Zwift (virtual cycling) and it was nothing but trouble.
  7. HoloDuke

    Aim Assist monitors

    HardRice, I've been doing this for years with a piece of tape that I can move around. Rip off the corner of a piece of tape and you have a small triangle. If you have concerns, I'd either rip off your own piece of tape or get one of those fancy monitors.
  8. HoloDuke

    [BFV] Operation Urban Assault Vol. 2

    @Pipiska as you said, you cannot make everyone happy. It anything, those comments are acknowledgements that your SSM maps play unlike the original maps. They provide a 100% different playing experience - which for many, including myself, is a truly amazing accomplishment and brings new life to...
  9. HoloDuke

    Stats are back!

    This is excellent! Thanks HTN and Skater!
  10. HoloDuke

    Slight changes...

    Congratulations @HeiligWahrheit and well deserved!
  11. HoloDuke

    Server problem?

    Restarted - please try again.
  12. HoloDuke

    Server problem?

    The map is about to rotate - I'll restart the server between. Stand by
  13. HoloDuke

    [BFV] Operation Urban Assault

    This was an excellent event!
  14. HoloDuke

    Thank you Pisky

    I very much agree - thank you @Pipiska. Those SSM maps played very different than the original versions - very thought out and very well balanced. I was supremely impressed and grateful for the magic that you spun out of some old maps. I confess that when I was sniping in Hue - whenever I...
  15. HoloDuke

    Kicked for AFK

    hard_rice, report a staff member is still there - right below report a player. I don't fully understand your grievance. Did you respond to an afk request and still get kicked? If an admin asks a player - any player - several times if they are afk and they do not respond, then naturally, why...
  16. HoloDuke

    Dischord Chat ban

    Rice, get over it. You were treated fairly. You are not welcome here if you personally attack others. Skater has shown plenty of patience with you and leeway with things you have already said.
  17. HoloDuke

    Can't Join

    Just restarted the server - 25 mins after your message Toxic
  18. HoloDuke

    The Deadliest Warrior

    Welcome back Deadly! Glad I was able to play a round with you a couple of weeks ago. This is SellOut.
  19. HoloDuke

    Really admin?

    We disagree. I've always appreciated everything that HardRice and Vmax have done. No need for further discussion.
  20. HoloDuke

    Really admin?

    Before you start calling people who volunteer their time to try to provide a pleasant and fair server environment dumb (sp) - and suggesting that they resign, why don't you consider the circumstances first. There is no reason to speak the way you did. I think everyone would understand your...